Provider of Superior, Commercial Grade, Energy Efficient Lighting Bulbs and Fixtures

Southern Lighting Company is a distributor of energy efficient lighting products. We provide energy audits, sell products and provide installation primarily to the industrial, commercial market place. Our target market is energy efficient lighting for commercial clients. We serve the entire U.S. and some international markets.

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A premier distributor and installer of commercial lighting products, Southern Lighting Company, Inc. places strong emphasis on improving energy efficiency. Reducing energy usage, lighting maintenance and material costs, coupled with improving lighting quality,  are our primary focus areas. We strive each day to better understand our customers' needs and offer solutions that achieve or exceed their expectations.

Southern Lighting Company (SLC) provides a full service solution, from initial assessments and audits to evaluation, purchase and complete installation of new or retrofitted products. We offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art product solutions that best fit our customer's needs and enhance their business opportunities.  Our goal is not just to provide more light, but enlighten opportunities for our business partners.


Southern Lighting Company evaluates each customer application to offer the most cost effective solution. We consider not only the product effectiveness, but also the life cycle costs including maintenance and down time. Having a wide range of technologies at our disposal, we select the best product based on the application need. Product choices include LED, Induction, Fluorescent, state-of-the-art technologies such as Plasma and Organic LEDs and, where appropriate, proven products such as Ceramic Metal Halide lamps.


Southern Lighting Company is committed to providing best-in-class service to customers by insuring their needs are met and or exceeded. We provide advice, help navigate through various lighting options based on our years of experience, and calculate energy savings, all prior to delivering the project solution.  While we seek the best lighting solutions for our business partners, our main objective is complete customer satisfaction for the long run.