Prior to recommending newer or emerging technologies, Southern Lighting Company first performs a complete site audit of all existing light fixtures and lamps. This is a detailed physical count of each type of fixture, lamp, wattage, voltage and hours of operation.

Typically conducted with the assistance of a local employee, or contractor, having knowledge of the facility operations and lighting requirements, this audit also exposes potential problem areas or lighting deficiencies that may negatively impact site safety and facility operation.

Our audits form the basis for recommendations for energy efficient products whether they be re-lamping (and keeping) existing fixtures or completely replacing existing fixtures.  The audit focuses typically on a one-to-one fixture analysis rather than arbitrarily adding additional fixtures, unless specifically requested, or observing an obvious need.


The audit report generates a detailed comparison of the current lights in use versus the proposed replacements and the resulting energy and cost savings. This energy analysis, combined with calculated maintenance and material savings, determines the payback period for the cost of the project.

In addtion to the cost analysis provided, the audit report also highlights critical areas noted during the audit where safety concerns are evident or expressed.  Also noted are other areas worthy of immediate consideration but not necessarily critical to site safety or operation.

An analysis of the purchased price of current products can be compared and evaluated to identify further cost savings.